Initially created for students of elementary school grades, the 90-north “educational expeditions” program has been expanded to engage audiences of all ages and interests. Group size is limited to allow the presentations to be as interactive as possible, and to offer each participant the opportunity to view and handle the accompanying artifacts that tangibly illustrate the topics.

For general audiences, 90-north provides a program that offers a comprehensive overview of “all things Arctic.” This presentation may include an outline of the Arctic and global ecosystems, experiential accounts from fellow polar explorers, examples of indigenous cultural traditions and mythology, phenomena that are unique to the Polar Regions – all accompanied by extraordinary imagery and video footage. Questions from participants throughout the presentation are welcomed.

For schools, the in-classroom programs serve as a multidisciplinary introduction to polar science and its relationship with other fields of study such as geography, biology, history and cultural studies – all of which are the basic foundation for further learning. Most presentations comply with general STEM standards, which offer participating students a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global economy. Each individual plan can stand alone or may be combined with any other, providing flexibility and a wide range of options. 90-north works directly with each teacher to custom-design a program that precisely fits into the particular class curriculum.

Let 90-north bring the Arctic to YOU!

The charm of the Arctic is the appeal of the primeval world to the primeval man, stirring the last drops of the blood of the caveman in our veins.
~Admiral Robert E. Peary, 1909