“I am the assistant principal at the Munsey Park Elementary School in Manhasset, New York. Our school has had the amazing experience of participating in Moki Kokoris’ 90-North presentations for the past five years. Following each one, “awesome!” is the most common response I hear from the students. The hour she spends with them is not enough, they want more. She initiates a curiosity that extends beyond the school day, and each year I have multiple students who want to do additional research about the North Pole. Moki is able to engage the students with her multimedia and hands-on presentation. She validates each student’s questions and thoughts, which in turn makes them want to speak with her further. When I ask our students and staff which enrichment program they feel was the most informative and enjoyable, 90-North is always the first mentioned. Staff and students alike look forward to our yearly visit from Moki, and there is no doubt that students of any age would find Moki’s presentations an extremely worthwhile experience.”

Kathleen Murray
Assistant Principal
Munsey Park School
Manhasset, NY 11030


“Thank you for agreeing to guest speak for my Long Island University / CW Post geography classes.  The students really enjoyed hearing from you about the Arctic North. You were able to provide a wealth of information on how quickly life is changing in this part of the world.   My students appreciated your stories of how indigenous cultures have to adapt to rapidly changing climates.  Winter ending days earlier for northern populations because sunlight returns earlier (with the dramatic declines in ice some areas have experienced) was indeed a dramatic story.

Most students are also unaware of the conflicts that exist between nomadic tribes and national governments.  And most of my students didn’t know that nations are also struggling amongst themselves to assert their competing land claims in the Arctic, as the ice gives way to open waters.

You touched upon so many other critical topics as well.  Many students know that there is debate over polar bear population sizes, with some saying that climate change is destroying bear habitat and others saying the polar bear populations are in fact increasing.  Your maps clearly conveyed that across most areas with accurate statistical data, polar bear populations are indeed declining, though one population is increasing due to concentration.

Your props were consistently excellent: state of the art maps and scientific data, along with an Inuit seal-fur coat and other implements of indigenous cultures. You really did an excellent job in providing information that today’s college students urgently need to hear directly from someone with such a wealth of experiences with northern countries.”

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Long Island University / CW Post
Brookville, NY 11548


“I have Chaired the Cultural Enrichment Programs at Shelter Rock Elementary School for the past four years. During this time, it has been my pleasure to make the professional acquaintance of Moki Kokoris, who has presented her program ‘90-North’ to our 5th grade students these past years. She not only has vast knowledge and travel experience relating to the polar regions, but her love of what she does is so genuine, so infectious, she is able to keep the children completely spellbound during her presentations. The faculty has given her the highest praise, and we look forward to a long continuing relationship with Moki.”

Annie Vetrone
Enrichment Program Chair
Shelter Rock Elementary School


QUOTES from teachers:

“A phenomenal speaker + presentation”

“Students were engaged throughout the entire program”

“Every one of our 10 and 11 year old students has asked for her email address because
they have so many more questions.