90-north program fees vary based on certain factors. Basic guidelines, parameters and restrictions are as follows:

• Base program rates are dependent on the desired length of each presentation, typically lasting 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

• Because the programs are hands-on and highly interactive, the number of participants per presentation is limited to a maximum of 25.

• For groups larger than 25, the same program may be repeated up to four times on any given day. With every three presentations billed at the base rate, a fourth one will be free of charge.

• Bookings should be made at least four weeks in advance. Last minute reservations may be accommodated as schedule allows.

• A 25% retainer is expected at the time of booking to reserve the date. Balance is due on date of presentation.

• Cancellation and Refund policy:
Cancellations received up to 30 days prior to the reserved date will be eligible for a full refund of retainer. Thereafter, no refund will be offered. In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made to reschedule the presentation/s, and the retainer transferred to the new date.

• Travel will be charged at $0.50/mile only if the round-trip distance exceeds 50 miles.

• For locations beyond a 175-mile radius, reimbursement of lodging and meal expenses will be negotiated and arranged accordingly.

• Discounted rates are offered to nonprofit groups and organizations, or for multiple consecutive days at the same location.

Adjustments to the above guidelines may be made if required, but must be discussed and agreed upon in advance. For full breakdown of rates and further information, please call or Email inquiries to: Moki.Kokoris@gmail.com


• Space suitable for the viewing of a slide presentation
• Screen for slide presentation
• Small desk or stand for laptop and projector (extension cords w/ surge protectors if necessary)
• Three large tables for the display of hands-on objects, materials and artifacts.